Fines in 2012 ($2,873,075)
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    Who Amount For What?
2012-12-28   Cam Newton (QB) $10,000 Kicking Raiders defensive tackle Tommy Kelly
2012-12-28   Greg Hardy (DE) $25,000 Hitting Palmer in the back with his helmet and ending his season.
2012-12-28   Vince Wilfork (DT) $30,000 Hitting Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Steve Vallos in the head with his forearm
2012-12-28   Kareem Jackson (CB) $21,000 Unnecessary roughness after he hit Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jarius Wright in the head and neck area
2012-12-28   Danieal Manning (S) $10,000 Grabbing an opponent by the facemask
2012-12-28   Matt Kalil (OT) $10,000 Late hit against the Texans
2012-12-28   Michael Oher (OT) $10,000 Chop block
2012-12-28   Anthony Davis (OT) $10,000 Late hit on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane.
2012-12-28   Sen'Derrick Marks (DT) $7,875 Facemask against the Green Bay Packers
2012-12-27   Ed Reed (S) $55,000 Hit on New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz head and neck area.
2012-12-27   Cam Newton (QB) $21,000 Abusive conduct toward a game official
2012-12-20   Dashon Goldson (S) $21,000 Hit delivered to New England TE Aaron Hernadez
2012-12-20   Dashon Goldson (S) $5,250 Uniform violations - pants and socks
2012-12-20   Dashon Goldson (S) $10,500 Uniform violations - pants and socks (2nd)
2012-12-20   DeMarcus Ware (LB) $15,750 Hit on Ben Roethlisberger - smacked the Pittsburgh Steelers' star quarterback in the back of the head with his arm during a pass rush
2012-12-19   Robert Griffin III (QB) $10,000 Unauthorized apparel - wearing Adidas at his postgame news conference
2012-12-14   Quinton Coples (DE) $15,000 Grabbing the facemask of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne
2012-12-14   Prince Amukamara (CB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle on New Orleans running back Pierre Thomas
2012-12-14   Gosder Cherilus (OT) $10,000 Chop block in Detroit's 27-20 loss at Green Bay
2012-12-14   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $10,000 Grabbing Buffalo running back C.J. Spiller by the facemask
2012-12-14   Charles Tillman (CB) $7,875 Late hit on Minnesota running back Toby Gerhart.
2012-12-12   Chris Kluwe (P) $5,250 Wearing a message on his uniform promoting Ray Guy for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
2012-12-07   Brian Urlacher (LB) $21,000 For a horse-collar tackle on Seattle's Leon Washington
2012-12-07   Tramon Williams (CB) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit on Minnesota's Toby Gerhart
2012-12-07   Nick Fairley (DT) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle of Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck late in the Lions' 35-33 loss.
2012-12-07   Will Montgomery (C) $10,000 Kicking New York Giants defensive lineman Linval Joseph
2012-12-07   Linval Joseph (DL) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness. He raised his right foot to kick at Montgomery, but stopped himself before doing so.
2012-12-07   Von Miller (DE) $25,000 Hit below the knee of Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman
2012-12-07   Alan Branch (DT) $7,875 Late hit on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.
2012-12-07   Jason Babin (DE) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit
2012-12-07   NaVorro Bowman (LB) $10,000 Kicking at a St. Louis Rams offensive lineman
2012-12-07   Dashon Goldson (S) $7,875 Late hit on quarterback Sam Bradford
2012-12-07   Jasper Brinkley (LB) $7,875 Grabbing Green Bay wide receiver Randall Cobb by the facemask
2012-12-07   Everson Griffen (DE) $15,750 Late hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
2012-11-30   Anquan Boldin (R) $7,875 Fined for a brief altercation with Chargers CB Marcus Gilchrist during Baltimore's 16-13 win.
2012-11-30   Andrew Whitworth (T) $26,250 Fighting
2012-11-30   Desmond Bryant (DT) $26,250 Fighting
2012-11-30   Lamarr Houston (DE) $26,250 Fighting
2012-11-30   Tommy Kelly (DT) $26,250 Fighting
2012-11-30   Matt Shaughnessy (DE) $26,250 Fighting
2012-11-30   DeAngelo Hall (CB) $20,000 Horse-collar tackle
2012-11-30   DeAngelo Hall (CB) $15,750 Late hit
2012-11-30   Mike Tolbert (RB) $21,000 Blindside block on a kickoff
2012-11-30   Jerron McMillian (S) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with defenseless New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett.
2012-11-30   Brodrick Bunkley (DT) $20,000 Kicking the back of 49ers offensive lineman Alex Boone's helmet.
2012-11-30   J.J. Watt (DE) $15,750 Roughing the passer after he struck Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford in the head and neck area
2012-11-30   Donald Stephenson (OT) $15,750 Unnecessary roughness
2012-11-30   Brian Urlacher (LB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle on Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
2012-11-30   Chris Long (DE) $15,750 Striking Cardinals QB Ryan Lindley in the head.
2012-11-30   Jay Cutler (QB) $10,000 Throwing the ball at Minnesota cornerback AJ Jefferson.
2012-11-30   Anquan Boldin (R) $7,875 Late hit against San Diego
2012-11-30   Eric Weems (WR) $7,875 Striking Vikings CB Jefferson late on a play
2012-11-30   Henry Melton (DE) $7,875 Grabbing face mask of Adrian Peterson
2012-11-30   Brodrick Bunkley (DT) $20,000 Kick to the back of the head of 49ers guard Alex Boone
2012-11-29   Mike Jenkins (CB) $7,875 Pushing Pierre Garcon to the ground well after the Washington receiver crossed the goal line on a 59-yard touchdown
2012-11-29   Jared Allen (DE) $21,000 Hit on Bears G Lance Louis last Sunday in Chicago. Louis tore the ACL in his knee on the play and is done for the season.
2012-11-28   Earl Thomas (S) $15,000 Roughing the passer penalty against Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill
2012-11-28   Ndamukong Suh (DT) $30,000 Thanksgiving Day kick to the groin of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub
2012-11-22   Leodis McKelvin (S) $75 Refusing to follow a crew member's order during a flight from New York to Buffalo
2012-11-21   T.J. Ward (S) $25,000 Illegal hit he delivered on Sunday against Dallas wide receiver Kevin Ogletree
2012-11-20   Ed Reed (S) $50,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit against Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders
2012-11-16   Terrance Knighton (DT) $25,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck
2012-11-16   Dawan Landry (S) $10,000 Hit on Luck that made contact to the head and neck area after Luck declared himself down by sliding feet first
2012-11-16   Ray McDonald (DE) $21,000 helmet-to-helmet hit on Rams quarterback Sam Bradford
2012-11-16   Jasper Brinkley (LB) $21,000 Helmet hit on a defenseless Lions player
2012-11-16   Tony Corrente (Referee) $9,000 Uttering some obscenities with his microphone on during a Nov. 4 game in Indianapolis between the Colts and Miami Dolphins.
2012-11-16   Tamba Hali (LB) $25,000 Striking Steelers quarterback Byron Leftwich with his helmet
2012-11-16   Brandon Spikes (LB) $25,000 Roughing-the-passer penalty on Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
2012-11-16   Aaron Curry (LB) $15,750 Striking Baltimore RB Ray Rice late
2012-11-16   Aaron Curry (LB) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness on a special teams play
2012-11-16   Phillip Wheeler (LB) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness when he grabbed Ray Rice by the facemask
2012-11-16   Von Miller (LB) $15,750 Striking Carolina QB Cam Newton below the knee
2012-11-16   Jerry Hughes (DE) $15,750 Late hit on Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert
2012-11-16   Rey Maulaluga (LB) $15,750 Striking defenseless Giants WR Dominek Hixon in the head and neck area
2012-11-16   Kevin Vickerson (DT) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle on Cam Newton
2012-11-16   Ryan Broyles (WR) $10,000 Illegal crackback block on Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield
2012-11-16   Jerod Mayo (LB) $10,000 Late hit on Bills RB C.J. Spiller
2012-11-16   Richie Incognito (G) $10,000 Striking Tennessee LB Colin McCarthy late. Incognito was benched for a few plays by Dolphins coach Joe Philbin after the incident.
2012-11-16   Justin Houston (LB) $7,875 Unsportsmanlike conduct when he began a group celebration in the end zone
2012-11-16   Alfonzo Dennard (CB) $7,875 Hitting Ryan Fitzpatrick out of bounds
2012-11-14   Tim Dobbins (LB) $30,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit that gave Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler a concussion.
2012-11-14   DeAngelo Hall (CB) $30,000 Verbal tirade. Hall was ejected late in Washington's 27-12 loss to the Steelers.
2012-11-09   Steelers (Team) $35,000 Fake Injury
2012-11-09   Emmanuel Sanders (WR) $15,000 Injury Fake
2012-11-09   Greg Hardy (DE) $15,750 Striking quarterback Robert Griffin III in the head
2012-11-09   Haruki Nakamura (S) $21,000 Hitting a defenseless receiver in the head on a play against wide receiver Josh Morgan
2012-11-07   Matt Hasselbeck (QB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle Sunday on Chicago Bears cornerback Kelvin Hayden
2012-11-07   Chargers (Team) $20,000 A member of the equipment staff failed to immediately surrender towels when ordered to do so by a game official against the Denver Broncos on Oct. 15.
2012-11-02   Chris Conte (S) $21,500 Making contact to Carolina Panthers receiver Brandon LaFell's head
2012-11-02   Richard Seymour (DT) $15,750 Infraction
2012-11-02   Chris Canty (DT) $15,750 Infraction
2012-11-02   Marcus Dowtin (LB) $15,750 Infraction
2012-11-02   Mike Martin (DT) $15,750 Infraction
2012-11-02   Jonathan Martin (T) $15,750 Infraction
2012-11-02   Rams (Team) $20,000 Failing to report running back Stephen Jackson's groin injury in Week 2
2012-11-02   Jared Allen (DE) $7,875 Facemask
2012-11-02   Donald Penn (OT) $7,875 Facemask
2012-10-26   Ravens (Team) $20,000 Not listing safety Ed Reed on the team's injury report.
2012-10-26   Rashad Johnson (S) $21,000 Illegal blindside block
2012-10-26   Alphonso Smith (CB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle on Chicago wide receiver Brandon Marshall
2012-10-26   Brandon Marshall (WR) $10,500 Wearing orange cleats
2012-10-26   Cortland Finnegan (CB) $7,875 Grabbed the facemask of Green Bay's Jordy Nelson on a tackle
2012-10-26   Bernard Pollard (S) $7,875 Facemask penalty on Houston tight end Owen Daniels.
2012-10-26   Charles Godfrey (S) $7,875 Low block on Dallas center Phil Costa
2012-10-26   Tyler Polumbus (OT) $7,875 Leg whip on a run play against New York Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph
2012-10-26   D'Qwell Jackson (LB) $7,875 Late hit on Indianapolis rookie running back Vick Ballard that also drew a personal foul penalty.
2012-10-26   Dashon Goldson (S) $7,875 Taunting -- unsportsmanlike conduct -- after tackling Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch
2012-10-25   Earl Bennett. (WR) $10,500 Wearing orange cleats
2012-10-19   Bills (Team) $20,000 Failed to list Williams on the injury report while he was being treated for a sprained left wrist.
2012-10-19   Washington Redskins (Team) $20,000 Not properly updating media on Griffin's status during the Oct. 7 game against Atlanta after he left with a head injury that turned out to be a mild concussion. Coach Mike Shanahan had described Griffin as being "shaken up."
2012-10-19   Quinton Coples (DE) $10,000 Grabbing the facemask of Andrew Luck
2012-10-19   Aaron Maybin (LB) $7,875 Unnecessarily striking Luck with his elbow after blocking him
2012-10-19   Lawrence Jackson (DE) $15,750 Hitting Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick below the knees
2012-10-19   Nate Burleson (WR) $10,000 Simulating shooting a gun during a touchdown celebration
2012-10-19   Harrison Smith (S) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle on Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III
2012-10-12   Michael Griffin (S) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit on Vikings wide receiver Michael Jenkins
2012-10-12   Nick Perry (LB) $15,750 Striking Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in the neck and head area
2012-10-12   Chris Clemons (DE) $15,750 Unnecessarily drove Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to the ground
2012-10-12   Robert Quinn (DE) $15,750 Helmet-to-helmet contact against Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb
2012-10-12   Melvin Ingram (LB) $15,750 Struck Saints QB Drew Brees in the head and neck area and drove him to the ground.
2012-10-12   Cory Redding (DE) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness against Packers running back Cedric Benson
2012-10-12   Sen'Derrick Marks (DT) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness on a late hit against Minnesota
2012-10-12   Jermelle Cudjo (DT) $7,875 Roughing the passer; he grabbed Kolb by the facemask
2012-10-11   Matt Slauson (G) $10,000 Illegal peel back block. Knocked out Texans linebacker Brian Cushing for the year with a torn ACL
2012-10-05   Chad Greenway (LB) $21,000 Making contact with Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson in the head and neck area
2012-10-05   Malcolm Jenkins (S) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness. Grabbed the facemask of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and poked him in the eye
2012-10-05   B.J. Raji (NT) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness. Struck Saints long snapper Justin Drescher with his knee
2012-10-05   Kyle Williams (DT) $15,750 Roughing the passer, hitting Tom Brady below the knee area
2012-10-05   Dave Stewart (OT) $7,875 Striking an opponent in the head against Houston
2012-10-05   Jay Feely (K) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness
2012-10-03   Ed Reed (S) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet hit on Patriots receiver Deion Branch
2012-09-27   Adam Jones (CB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle against Washington running back Alfred Morris
2012-09-26   Ryan Mundy (S) $21,000 Violent hit on Oakland Raiders wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey
2012-09-26   Bill Belichick (Coach) $50,000 Making physical contact with an official
2012-09-25   Kyle Shanahan (Coach) $25,000 Chased the officials into the tunnel following the Redskins loss to the Bengals (he was apparently incensed at the unsportsmanlike penalty he received near the end of the game) and reportedly said some NSFW things to the guys in stripes.
2012-09-25   Joe Mays (LB) $50,000 Hit knocked off Schaub's helmet and ripped off part of his ear in the process
2012-09-24   John Fox (Coach) $30,000 Sideline behavior towards the referees
2012-09-24   Jack Del Rio (Coach) $25,000 Sideline behavior towards the referees
2012-09-21   Jerod Mayo (LB) $21,000 Unnecessary roughness - hit against Arizona defenseless wide receiver Early Doucet in the head and neck area
2012-09-21   Steve Gregory (S) $7,875 Late hit against tight end Todd Heap
2012-09-21   Andre Brown (RB) $15,750 Horse collar tackle following one of quarterback Eli Manning's three first-half interceptions
2012-09-21   Kenny Phillips (S) $30,000 Hit on Bucs wide receiver Vincent Jackson that didn't actually draw a flag
2012-09-21   David Baas (C) $7,875 Actions after the final whistle
2012-09-21   Kevin Boothe (OG) $7,875 Actions after the final whistle
2012-09-21   Mason Foster (LB) $21,000 Ripping the helmet off of Giants wide receiver Domenik Hixon
2012-09-21   Lawrence Timmons (LB) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez
2012-09-21   Da'Norris Searcy (S) $21,000 Hitting defenseless receiver
2012-09-21   LaRon Landry (S) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle against Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown
2012-09-21   Josh Morgan (WR) $7,875 Throwing the ball at Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan
2012-09-21   Lorenzo Alexander (LB) $15,750 Horse-collar tackle of receiver Danny Amendola
2012-09-21   Janoris Jenkins (CB) $15,750 Unnecessary roughness against tight end Fred Davis
2012-09-21   Jimmy Wilson (S) $15,750 Late hit on Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer
2012-09-21   Rahim Moore (S) $21,000 Unnecessarily struck defenseless Steelers receiver Emmanuel Sanders in the head and neck area
2012-09-19   Golden Tate (WR) $21,000 Hit on Dallas linebacker Sean Lee
2012-09-15   Jason Babin (DE) $15,750 Roughing Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden
2012-09-14   Madieu Williams (S) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Jimmy Graham
2012-09-14   Taylor Mays (S) $21,000 Helmet-to-helmet contact with tight end Ed Dickson
2012-09-14   Antonio Smith (DE) $21,000 Kicking Miami guard Richie Incognito, who was not disciplined
2012-09-14   Everson Griffen (DE) $15,750 Helmet-to-helmet contact with Jacksonville quarterback Blaine Gabbert
2012-09-14   Tyron Smith (DT) $15,750 Horse collar tackle
2012-09-14   Letroy Guion (DT) $7,875 Roughing the passer
2012-09-14   Shaun Draughn (RB) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness
2012-09-14   Mike Pouncey (C) $7,875 Unnecessary roughness
2012-01-05   Bart Scott (LB) $10,000 Fined by Jets for his obscene gesture to a member of the media. Bart's actions were inappropriate and unacceptable
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